Tips To Stop Drinking Alcohol – 7 Effective Ways

Solutions and tips to stop drinking alcohol can refer to herbal, natural and homemade products as well as to therapies and medical treatments, so it’s up to you to decide what type of treatment suits your lifestyle and preferences the best.

However, keep in mind that lots of people searching for tips on how to stop drinking beer or other alcoholic beverages find natural cures a lot more effective than short-term medical treatments, as natural remedies work from the inside and involve not only one’s willingness to give up alcohol but also a permanent change in their lifestyle and habits.

Given below are some suggestions that can help to stop drinking, so make sure to take your time and read our recommendations if you’re searching for tips to stop drinking alcohol on your own!

Tips To Stop Drinking Alcohol: Drink Gotu Kola Tea

Tips To Stop Drinking AlcoholTea prepared from gotu kola or extracts of this plant mixed with water and taken on a daily basis can do wonders for those of you wondering how to stop drinking alcohol safely as this herb is a great tonic that improves the functioning of brain and nervous system, regulating blood pressure at the same time.

As known, excessive alcohol consumption raises blood pressure and alters blood sugar levels. Gotu kola normalizes these values, reducing cravings for alcohol and contributing to healthier blood vessels.

Typically, for relieving the symptoms of alcohol dependence or alcohol withdrawal and for reducing the cravings for alcoholic beverages, one should take 20-60 mg of gotu kola, three times a day, until their health state improves.

How To Stop Drinking Alcohol Safely With Carrot Juice

Having a glass of carrot juice per day helps in reducing the cravings for alcohol and keeps the urge of drinking away, as this juice provides important nutrients that normalize the blood sugar levels and body’s response to insulin.

As known, hypoglycemia episodes are among the triggers of alcohol consumption, as the organism reacts when there’s not enough sugar in the bloodstream and asks for more of this ingredient. Alcohol creates a spike in blood sugar levels, thus it’s perceived as a solution to hypoglycemia episodes by alcohol addicts.

Unfortunately, the effects are only temporary, hence the need of drinking more alcohol each time the blood sugar levels drop. To prevent this, one has to keep their glycemia under control and carrot juice can do wonders in this direction.

How To Give Up Drinking Alcohol With Raw Veggies

A third tip on how to give up drinking alcohol refers to incorporating more raw vegetables in your daily menu, as these contain nutrients, vitamins and minerals that ensure healthier immune, nervous and digestive systems.

Excessive alcohol intake affect the liver, kidneys, nervous system and digestive tract, while raw veggies can restore the health and functioning of these organs thanks to their high content of active principles.

Also, given that they regulate the blood sugar levels, raw veggies prevent the cravings for alcohol and help one cope with withdrawal symptoms easier. Opt for fresh veggies and eat them as they are or prepare homemade juices and consume these on a daily basis.

How To Quit Drinking Alcohol With Salami

A fourth solution for those of you searching for help to stop drinking alcoholic beverages refers to eating homemade sandwiches made out of salami and other ingredients, such as butter and ciabatta bread, as salami works by absorbing an important amount of alcohol from the body.

Although this isn’t exactly the healthiest type of meat one should incorporate in their daily menu, salami does work when it comes to lowering cravings for alcohol and to reducing levels of alcohol in blood, so it’s worth considering this solution as well, if you’re searching for tips to stop drinking alcohol naturally.

Help To Stop Drinking: Cut  On Nicotine

A natural solution on how to quit drinking alcohol is to simultaneously cut on nicotine once you decide quitting alcohol as nicotine also impacts the production and release of neurotransmitters, disrupting their activity and altering the body’s reaction to alcohol withdrawal.

Nicotine has harmful effects on the brain and it keeps the addiction cycle active, so even if you completely eliminate alcohol from your menu, you’ll still feel tempted to have a drink due to the effects nicotine has on your brain, if you continue smoking.

Stop Drinking Alcohol On Your Own With Healthy Fats

Incorporating higher amount of healthy fats in your diet can also help in reducing the cravings for alcohol and coping with symptoms of alcohol dependence easier, as good fats – such as omega-3 fatty acids for example – stabilize blood sugar levels, reducing the cravings for sugar and alcohol.

Olive oil, avocado, nuts and seeds, fish and seafood are excellent sources of good fatty acids, so make sure to get enough of these foods on a regular basis. Besides regulating blood sugar levels, fatty acids also influence the levels of dopamine and other neurotransmitters that affect one’s mood and energy levels.

By stimulating the production of these substances in the brain, fatty acids contribute to an enhanced mood and an overall feeling of well-being.

Tips To Stop Drinking Alcohol: Use Nux Vomica

Last on our list of tips to stop drinking alcohol is the recommendation of using a homeopathic remedy that’s known to cure nausea, bowel discomfort and vomiting as well as to relieve symptoms associated with obsessive-compulsive disorder and restlessness.

All these can be experienced by people who quit drinking alcohol, as they are among the so-called alcohol withdrawal symptoms. To prevent these manifestations, you can use nux vomica until you notice your physical and emotional state is improved, but make sure to ask for professional approval first, as this plant can be very toxic and poisonous when used improperly.

Nux vomica is obtained from a tree originating in India and it contains ingredients that normalize blood pressure, control appetite and stimulate digestion. It’s a great stimulant for the cardiovascular system and a gastric tonic, but – as already said – should be used with caution to avoid potential side effects.