Stop Drinking Alcohol With These 7 Tips

Stop drinking alcohol now and live the life you deserve. Alcohol is as addictive as any drug, however, you can stop drinking- all it takes is a bit of determination, and you’re well on your way. If you’re used to drinking everyday, then giving up alcohol will probably feel like giving up the love of your life. Fortunately, it can be done- here are some ways to stop drinking alcohol without ever stepping one foot into a treatment center:

Stop Drinking and Start Cleaning!

You don’t have to love cleaning in order to pick up a broom and start sweeping. Doing chores around the house takes time, and time away from alcohol is the first step to recognizing your worth without this mood altering substance. This doesn’t mean you have to complete all home improvement tasks which need to be done all at once. However, projects which need to be done, will require thinking, concentration and knowledge.

When putting your brain to use in this way, your mind will be focused on other things, and the thought of alcohol will be a distant one. In order to stop drinking alcohol you will need to replace the temptation with another thought or action. If you have no large projects which need to be done, doing extra cleaning or dusting around the house is a great idea to keep your mind away from the bottle.

The point is to keep your mind off of alcohol, and anything which triggers your drinking. If you’re the type to reach for a cold beer after any work which is completed, try a cold glass of water instead.

Stop Drinking Alcohol Using This 45 Second Method

Stop Drinking AlcoholWhen you are trying to stop drinking alcohol, all thoughts and desires of drinking will need to cease. Of course, this will be difficult- which is why the forty five second thought is a great idea. When your mind begins to wonder about a drink of alcohol, stop for a second and change your focus.

This can be done, by purposely changing your train of thought for forty five seconds or more. Yes, a thought which comes to mind can be changed once your attention is switched to another thought. If this sounds a bit too simple, it’s because it is- but it works!

Increase Your Alcohol IQ To Fight Alcoholism

One of the best ways to stop drinking alcohol is to become informed. By reading about alcoholism, you will learn just how dangerous alcohol can be. If you don’t want to read about alcoholism, try reading a novel of some kind.

Just as with cleaning, anything which can take your mind off of alcohol is a wonderful way to begin focusing on other things. The more time you are without a bottle, the less you’ll want it. Also, reading about alcohol and the disadvantages to consuming it regularly will probably deter you from future drinking.

Depending on whether you want to cut down your intake or quit all together, reading can help by keeping you informed of its harmful effects.

Quit Drinking Alcohol To Look Good And Think Clear

If you’ve been drinking alcohol for a while, chances are others can tell by looking at you. Don’t worry, getting daily exercise can get you back in shape in no time.

Not only will you look good, but you’ll feel great as well. Meanwhile, you’ll learn to appreciate the new you, and alcohol will begin to look more and more like the culprit in a bottle which it is.

Exercise is a good way to stop drinking alcohol and get your body back in the shape it once was. With a new healty you, self esteem will improve along with your looks- and healthy choices will follow.

Give Up Alcohol By Putting Down the Bottle and Picking Up the Phone

Seeing good friends who may not have been around in a while, whom you do not consider drinking pals, could be a geat way to start. It can be difficult to stop drinking on your own, and having someone around who cares is important. Friends have a way of reminding us just how worthy we are, without mind altering substances. Call a friend or two from the past, and spend some time with them.

A change of conversation can be just as good as change of scenery. Get to know old friends again who appreciate you for who you are when you’re sober. This will make you realize just how little you need alcohol to make you great, which should lead to less need for it. After all, do you drink alcohol for the taste, or how it makes you feel? Unless you enjoy fruity alcohol, it’s probably because of how it makes you feel.

Stop relying on alcohol to make you feel good, live your life and do things which bring on good feelings- and spending time with truly good friends, is a wonderful way to start.

You Can Stop Drinking Alcohol Faster Once You Realize This

Do you know how funny people say you are when you’re drinking? Guess what? You’re just as funny sober. Your paintings are just as great also. Stop drinking alcohol and become the creative person you are.

Remember, it’s not the alcohol which makes you talented. Get out a pen and paper, and begin writing poetry, short stories, or the jokes which you tell so well when drinking. Go out and buy an easel and paint, and start showing your talent. These are just a few talents which may be hidden inside of you.

Perhaps you dance, or even sing- no matter what your talent, invest in it. Taking the time to nurture your talents and creativity will not only get your mind off of alcohol, it will also provide the self esteem needed to walk away from the false courage which alcohol has been providing.

A Noble Way to Give Up Alcohol And Improve Your Life

Another great way to stop drinking alcohol is by spending your time helping others. Yes, it may be just another way to take up your time, however helping others simply makes you feel good. By helping others, whether it’s at a food pantry or in your very own home- you will begin to see your worth.

One of the leading reasons for drinking alcohol, is to alter you mood. Why do we need mood altering substances? Because we can’t handle life as it is. When you go outside yourself and help others, you will begin to see just how much you are needed. Once you begin to see just how you make a difference in the lives of others, you will want to continue to do so, which in turn will help take your mind off the alcohol.

It’s okay to speak to others about their drinking, as this can actually be quite beneficial for you. This is because once you begin to see yourself in others, it’s like looking in the mirror at an uncombed head- you will want to take immediate action to make things right- you will want to quit drinking alcohol.

Quit Alcohol By Fooling Your Taste Buds

Another suggestion when looking for the best way to stop drinking alcohol is substitution. This does not in any way mean substitute with another substance. However, you can find ways to satisfy your thirst without alcohol. One such way is by drinking juices which are of the same flavor of your drink- it works well with those who enjoy fruity drinks.

For instance, if you enjoy cranberry juice mixed with alcohol of some sort, try pouring yourself a nice glass of cranberry juice and sipping it. This can also be tried with multiple fruit juice mixes. Often time, those who enjoy mixed drinks will barely taste the alcohol, leaving only the behavior change as a telltale sign.

Therefore, substituting these drinks with juice alone, minus the alcohol will make no difference in taste- only behavior. Try this for a while when at home, you’ll see that preparing non-alcoholic drinks just may give you the satisfaction you’re looking for.

Stop Drinking Alcohol on Your Own

If you’re trying to find out how to stop drinking alcohol, there is no one way. However, there are many different ways to take your mind off of drinking alcohol. In order to stop drinking alcohol, you will need to change your mindset. Knowing that you do not need a mind altering substance in order to be you, or deal with life situations is important. At the end of the day, you’ll be left with less money and perhaps a hangover.

This does not have to be. The most important part of ending any bad habit is by doing. Get up, take your mind off of the negative, and put it onto the positive. It really doesn’t matter what you do instead of drinking, just as long as it is positive, effective, motivational, and health conscious.