Quit Drinking Alcohol – 5 Tips to Stop Drinking Alcohol

As an individual struggling with alcoholism, you will need to face your problem and the contributing factors head-on. Be honest with yourself. Identify the factors in your life that may be contributing to the addiction problem. This includes your life-style practices that create a motivation for you to drink.

Without alcohol you will have a far better quality of life as a sober and happy individual. The following tips on how to quit drinking alcohol provide different strokes for different folks so it is up to you to try out various methods until you find the best way to stop drinking alcohol for you.

Quit Drinking Alcohol Method #1: Don’t visit the Supermarket too often

Quit Drinking AlcoholThis is one of the best ways to quit drinking alcohol. If you are accustomed to making multiple trips to the supermarket, then it is the first habit you must drop. Each visit to the supermarket is a temptation to take home some alcohol. It is best to avoid having to go to the store multiple times. Try to purchase all you need on your first visit to the store. This way, you will not need to go back there to get anything and it will also lessen the temptation, or the urge to reach for some alcohol and add it to your shopping cart. Don’t go to the supermarket to purchase some alcohol and then go home, lock yourself away and down all of it.

Build the self-discipline of limiting the amount of alcohol you take home from your major visit to the store. Set a limit, and with each visit, gradually reduce the amount of alcohol you purchase. Continue this until you take home no alcohol from the supermarket. Use the money you would have used to get the alcohol to do something else you enjoy. You could possibly use it as a motivational savings towards going somewhere you wanted to go or getting something you wanted to get for some time.

You will need to face your problem and the contributing factors head-on. Be honest with yourself. Identify the factors in your life that may be contributing to the addiction problem. This includes your life-style practices that create a motivation for you to drink. Alcoholism is formed from bad habits and you will need to break these habits.

Quit Drinking Alcohol Method #2:  Remember all the bad experiences from your past when you became too drunk

There is no denying that while you strive to quit drinking alcohol, you will have some challenging periods when the urge to have a drink will be so strong, and you will feel like caving in and taking that drink. One of the more likely times this will happen is when you are having happy memories of some time or another when you were drinking. This is just a mirage effect and you need to be aware of it. It is a feel-good sensation that shows you what is not there.

When this happens, counteract it with bad memories. Think about all the bad experiences you had with alcohol, those times you got drunk, the splitting headaches and the hangovers. Think about all those times you lost control of yourself and how much you hated it. Think about what finally pushed you over the edge and lead you to decide to stop drinking.

Do not hate yourself for thinking of having a drink. Direct your hate towards the habit of drinking. When your mind tricks you and give you that mirage display of happy times, use your hate for the habit of drinking and the pain it caused you to motivate you towards you goal to stop drinking alcohol.

Quit Drinking Alcohol Method #3:  Stay Away From Your Favorite Bars

This is just pure common sense on your part if you are serious about implementing strategies to help you quit drinking alcohol. One of the best ways to stop drinking alcohol is to avoid the bar, and avoid going out with friends and acquaintances who are social drinkers. True friends will be supportive and understanding of what you are trying to achieve so you must try to not concern yourself about the friends you may lose in the process.

Set a time frame for yourself and pledge not to visit bars for a certain period of time. For example, you can decide not to visit bars for a year. If you accomplish this goal you cloud always extend it and keep extending it until you achieve your goal. This is one of the first things you should know about how to quit drinking alcohol.

 Quit Drinking Alcohol Method #4:  Move your butt off that couch

You can opt to go to the gym after work to have a vigorous workout, or you can go home and just dance around to some good music. Studies have supported the use of physical exercise as an important measure that people suffering from alcoholism should use in their detox program. By implementing this measure in your quest to quit drinking alcohol, you will find that exercising regularly, helps you to stay sober and lessens your chances of having a relapse.

Using physical exercise will have a dual spin-off that will only benefit you. You get to stay sober longer while working out and getting healthy. Get up early in the morning and have a run in the park or an area where you can relax and enjoy your routine. Whatever may work for you, just set an exercise program and stick with it. Do not overdo it, but do things that you will enjoy instead. If you like running, singing or dancing there are nice exercises you can use to compliment just about anything. Do not pressure yourself, but be disciplined.

As you can see so far, there is no need for you to despair and ponder about how to quit drinking alcohol all by yourself. There are numerous ways use to kick the problem of alcoholism to the curb, but you must be willing to try and try again no matter if you fail.

Quit Drinking Alcohol Method #5: Don’t get caught in Guilt Trips

You need to avoid guilt trips as much as possible. Embarking on an emotional journey that involves self-pity and feelings of guilt are counteractive to the healing process. Getting angry and frustrated can cause you to lose your mental strength, which may result in a relapse. If this does happen, do not despair. Remember, that failures are instruments that winners use to guide them to success.

Try to identify the source of your emotional frustration and setback. Put measures in place or simply work towards preventing it from happening again. Another way you could deal with this, if the possibility of it reoccurring is beyond your control, is to develop coping skills. Devise a method that can help you deal with it effectively. Remember that your main aim is to quit drinking alcohol, and this should be foremost in your mind. Stage a comeback instead giving in to the grasp of alcoholism.

Train your mind to think of all the negative things that could happen if you give in to the relapse. On the other hand think of all the positives that are there if you become alcohol free. Think only positives into your future and take charge of what happens as you try to stop drinking alcohol. Failures will come, but you can use them to build your strength.