How to Stop Drinking Alcohol on Your Own – 5 Effective Ways

If you have been thinking about the question, ‘how to stop drinking alcohol on your own‘, then this article gives you some tips for you to work on. Whether you are an alcoholic, or a person who has just started with the drinking habit, the power to quit alcohol consumption rests with you and you alone.

It is you who has to decide to quit drinking alcohol; once you take a firm decision to discontinue drinking, you need to find ways to give up alcohol and gradually work towards it, and sooner the drinking habit you have will remain just a distant memory.

How to stop drinking alcohol on your own safely with Yoga

How to Quit Drinking Alcohol on your OwnIf you are hell-bent in finding a solution to the question, ‘how do I stop drinking?,’ then yoga is a healthy way to say quits to alcohol drinking. The healing powers of yoga cannot be told, they need to be experienced on a personal basis.

Sahaja yoga meditation is the solution to your drinking problems. You could learn this sitting at your home, and the instructions to meditate are available for free on this website You need to register for the 18 week course, and you will be given access to a new lesson every week.

Drinking is a problem related to the mind, and yoga heals the mind of its problems. The strength of yoga is meditation, and meditation relieves your mind of the stresses that forces you to seek refuge in the drink. Yoga helps you to understand your body, heal it, and treat it with respect.

Once you energize your body through the right meditation, you will feel rejuvenated and you will have a natural aversion towards addictive substances, including alcohol.

Yoga will help you undo all the negative effects alcohol consumption has caused on your body, and instills confidence and courage in you to overcome addiction in a miraculous way. Yoga is a proven and scientific method to overcome addiction; you need to experience it to understand its potential.

Get started with yoga right away, and look forward to a healthy, addiction free, and blissful life. Meditation is a blissful solution to your question, ‘how to stop drinking alcohol on your own?’

Use music therapy to cut back on alcohol consumption

Listen to music as much as you can, because music can relieve your stress and calm you in the most significant of ways. Alcohol is not the solution you should seek to relieve you of your stress and depression; now that you have decided to quit alcohol you should look forward to healthier and safer means of distressing yourself.

Music therapy has been extensively used in hospitals not merely for de-stressing patients, but also to relieve patients of their pain, to calm them down, to get them to relax and ease their muscle tension, and for numerous other resourceful applications.

The benefits that music provides have been thoroughly researched, and it has been seen that music with strong beats causes the brainwaves to resonate in synchronization with the beats.

Faster beats improves one’s concentration drastically and helps us to think better. Likewise, music that has a slow tempo is known to have a calming effect and it can put you in a meditative state. The effects of the music continue to last even after you have stopped listening to music for the moment.

Music will also help you achieve the relaxation response. Relaxation response is the counterpart of being in an agitated state of mind, or an equivalent to fight-or-flight response. When you are in a state of relaxation response you will not feel threatened or stressed, and hence you will not have the urge to have a drink. Music is another solution for quitting alcohol.

Using cooking as a therapy to give up drinking

Cooking is a good therapy to reduce your stress, free yourself of boredom, fight your insomnia, anxiety, and of course, it can also help you fight the bottle. The movie ‘Julie and Julia’ will give you a clear example of how cooking helped the protagonist in the movie find ways to vent out her stress and boredom.

This is a real life story of Julie Powell who lived a stressed out life, but took up cooking to de-stress herself, and eventually decided to cook every recipe from Julia’s cookbook; her favorite cookbook. The cooking experience relieved her of her stress and she regained control of her life. Julia too lived a stressful life prior to her learning to cook, and eventually writing the cookbook.

Cooking is highly creative, and hence it can help you de-stress in a very effective way. Further, cooking stimulates all your senses, you get to touch, smell, see, and hear the food as it cooks. Likewise, cooking requires your undivided attention and during this process you will momentarily tend to forget the unpleasant events in your life. Cooking gives you the ability to nurture yourself and others.

Cooking gives you immediate gratification, and it is a good feeling when others appreciate your cooking. In those moments when you are deeply involved in cooking, you will never be burdened by the urge to have a drink. Cooking provides a creative solution to the question, ‘how to cut back on drinking?’

How To Quit Drinking Liquor: Realize That Giving Up is Not an Option

Once an action becomes a habit, it becomes a part of our system, and once it becomes a part of our system, getting it out may be difficult. This is not a problem if the habit does not pose destructive effects on you but if the habit is constant alcohol consumption, you really have to seriously think it over.

Changing a bad habit and removing it from your system is really difficult, but not impossible. During the course of avoiding the habit of too much drinking, you will definitely encounter difficulties and temptations but this does not mean you have to stop on your tracks and give up on your goal.

Giving up is not an option. Accept the reality that this journey would not be complete without walking off the beaten path. Sure you might be challenged, at times discouraged, but these are all part of the journey. And those who emerged from the beaten tracks are the ones to come out victorious. Difficulties and challenges are not there to discourage you, they are there to boost you and encourage you to hold on to your goal of being alcohol free.

How to avoid drinking booze by using homeopathic medications

You could quit drinking alcohol today. If you have taken a firm decision to quit the habit, then you could quit booze this very day. But, not every individual will be able to give up on the habit that easily. Some individuals can, and you can best hope you are one amongst them.

If you are a heavy alcohol drinker then you may experience some withdrawal symptoms when you quit liquor consumption abruptly.

Some of the alcohol withdrawal symptoms you may experience are nagging headaches, uncontrolled involuntary shaking of the body, profuse sweating, nausea often associated with vomiting, becoming restless and experiencing a state of anxiety, cramps in the stomach, diarrhea, lack of sleep, loss of focus and concentration, heightened heart rate and blood pressure.

If you are affected by delirium tremens, which is an extreme form of alcohol withdrawal you may experience some life threatening withdrawal symptoms like relentless vomiting, becoming extremely agitated, becoming hallucinated, being feverish, becoming confused or remaining disoriented, and also experiencing attacks of fits or convulsions.

In such a case, hospital stay is essential. Otherwise, you could use various homeopathic medications to treat the individual alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

The homeopathic medication for anxiety is Arsenicum. The medication for treating vomiting and nausea is Nux vomica. Staphysagria is used to bring emotions under control. Likewise, each withdrawal symptom could be treated separately.

You should brave the withdrawal symptoms with a strong head and a brave heart. Stick to your resolution of quitting alcohol consumption, and never waver from it.