How To Quit Drinking Alcohol – 5 Proven Ways

Being desperate with how to quit drinking alcohol is no laughing matter. By now, your love for liquor may have already wreaked havoc in your personal life and career. You’ve been sincerely meaning to get off this destructive habit, but somehow you find yourself falling back into the same old routine. You may have figured out the hard way that alcoholism is more than just a bad habit–it is an addiction, a serious one that if left untreated, can cause more trouble in your life than it already has.

Don’t know where to start again? All you might have needed all this time is a set of simple, easy-to-follow steps to gradually get yourself off your addiction. Alcoholism is an addiction that is incredibly hard to get over with, so be kind to yourself whenever you stumble along the way. Also, realize that some of the most common methods on how to quit drinking alcohol are actually doing more physical and psychological harm to you than good.

Knowing the most practical, home remedies that you can use to quit drinking is the best way to start your battle. With these simple tips that you immediately start right in your very home, you will be well on your way to be totally booze-free in time. Know that these methods are all-natural and have already been proven effective by studies and testimonials. They are 100% safe and effective and easy enough to be started right away.

Here are some home remedies to help you learn how to stop drinking alcohol without AA.

How To Quit Drinking Alcohol, Tip #1: Announce small goals

How To Quit Drinking AlcoholContrary to what most would say (“Quit drinking altogether!”), creating small goals is actually better and more realistic. Psychology has pointed out time and again that declaring big goals for oneself may backfire because the goals may be too farfetched or hard to reach. This is even worse for an alcoholic–if you suddenly make a no-alcohol goal, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Instead, make a goal to drink one bottle LESS every week, for instance. Creating a goal that can be achieved will empower you and make you realize that you can actually make a positive difference on your action plan toward being alcohol-free. Depending on your liquor consumption, slowly let yourself off liquor in a gradually calculated pace.

Announce your goals to your family and friends (obviously not your drinking buddies) to further cement your goals. Knowing that you have made a promise to your loved ones somehow intensifies the accountability you have on achieving your goals. Your family and friends will also be able to keep a watchful eye on you on check whether or not you’re following through with your action plan on quitting alcohol.

Some examples of small goals are:

– I will drink on weekdays, but not on weekends.
– I will shift from three drinks a day to two drinks a day starting next week.
– I will have two drinks a day starting next week, and adjust it to one drink a day after two months.

How To Stop Drinking, Tip #2: Keep an alcohol intake diary

If you are the type who just drinks away and doesn’t keep track of the number of drinks consumed per day, start this habit. For each time you gulp down a drink, record it in your alcohol diary. Do this religiously for 30 days, and review your record at the end of the month. You may be surprised to find out a lot of relevant information: how many times a day you drink, what you drink, who you’re with when you drink, and where you drink. You can then use these bits of information to act on Tip #1, as illustrated above, and make your methods on how to give up drinking faster.

Keeping a diary has been a very effective method in weight loss in that it helps one become fully aware of everything he or she eats. Alcoholics usually understate the importance of knowing their booze intake. The truth is, finding out exactly how much you drink can knock some drastic sense into a person and will finally push him to do something about his large alcohol intake.

You may follow this diary format if you don’t want to be too wordy and journalistic about your accounts:

Column 1: Date/Day | Column 2: Time | Column 3: Place | Column 4: People

How To Give Up Drinking Alcohol, Tip #3: Start being friendly with herbs

Alcohol consumption intensifies the overgrowth of the Candida bacteria in the digestive track. Once Candida overpopulates the intestines, this further strengthens one’s alcohol cravings. The more you drink, the more Candida overpopulates, the more you want to drink more–truly a vicious cycle.

Stop the growth of Candida in your digestive track by acquainting yourself with the right herbs. Traditional Chinese medicine has always recommended the intake of Kudzu, a wild vine that has been used for 1,300 years by those who want to employ natural methods on how to quit drinking naturally. You can also opt for Goldenseal to battle your alcohol sugar cravings and eventually kill off all the Candida inside your intestines.

Milk thistle can also be a good herbal alternative to help your liver get rid of the booze in your bloodstream. Studies from the University of Maryland report milk thistle’s potent abilities to detoxify the liver and cause big improvements in liver function.

How To Cut Back On Drinking, Tip #4: Load up on fruit and vegetable juices.

You may be surprised to know just how vast nature’s arsenal against alcoholism is. Start off by increasing your intake of any fruit juice thrice a day and maintaining this routine for about 15 days to a month. You can also mix apple and carrot juice with crushed dates and sunflower seeds to create a concoction that you have to drink twice a day for about a month to effectively stop your addiction.

Other potent natural foods which can help you cut back on drinking are cucumbers, nuts, celery juice mixed with water, passion flower, buttermilk (on an empty stomach every morning), and whole grains. The key here is to make sure that you eat and drink these fruits and vegetables consistently for at least a month to notice significant changes. Don’t worry if you do not feel any improvement after your first week–it usually takes about 15 days to see significant differences in your alcohol cravings.

How To Avoid Drinking Liquor, Tip #5: Switch to a grape diet

One of the most well-known ways on quitting alcohol is to adopt a grape diet. Although this diet calls for drastic changes in your food intake, it’s well worth it. Grapes are popular for decreasing alcohol cravings and at the same time detoxifying your liver in order to repair the damage drkinking has caused it.

You have to do a bit of sacrifice though: eat only grapes three times a day for 25 days straight. This method requires that you also take your health supplements and vitamins regularly in order to avoid nutrient deficiency. If you can, load up on Vitamin B as this also helps quell an alcoholic’s craving for alcohol sugar.