How To Give Up Drinking Alcohol – 7 Effective Methods

Recommendations and tips on how to give up drinking alcohol are widely available both online and offline but the truth is sometimes it’s just too time consuming and frustrating to try all those tips just to see they fail in providing the claimed results.

However, there are some solutions you can try and which are proven to work, as they fight against alcohol addiction from the inside, fixing the problems that cause the cravings for alcohol and helping you handle alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Take a look below if you’re curious to discover some tips to stop drinking alcohol!

How To Give Up Drinking Alcohol With Licorice Root

How To Give Up Drinking AlcoholLicorice root is a safe and effective remedy for those of you wondering how to stop drinking alcohol safely as this plant has strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, enhancing the body’s natural barrier against pathogens and strengthening the immune system. It’s an antibody stimulator, which means it acts by improving the functioning of liver cells.

Also, licorice improves breathing and keeps away kidney problems, all these effects being important in fighting alcohol addiction because all the mentioned systems are affected by alcoholism and as long as their functioning and structure is altered, the cravings for sugar and alcohol continue to appear.

So a first remedy for you to try if you’re wondering how to quit drinking alcohol is licorice root tea. Drink this beverage daily until you see some improvements and you no longer experience the unpleasant alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

How To Stop Drinking Alcohol Safely Using Dates

Dates are extremely rich in nutrients like cooper, magnesium, iron, potassium, calcium and healthy oils, and they provide important amounts of vitamins so they’re excellent for boosting the immunity, energy levels and mood.

Consuming a mixture of crushed dates and a glass of water daily can help you control the cravings for alcohol easier. However, make sure to first fix your diet as dates have a strong effect on your digestive system as well. Take the paste until you notice some improvements in your physical and mental state.

Besides being very nourishing, these fruits are also very rich in fibers, which makes them great in keeping away cravings and hunger pangs. However, avoid eating too large amounts of this mixture as it can cause digestive discomfort.

How To Quit Drinking Alcohol With Dandelions

A third natural solution for people wondering how to give up drinking alcohol refers to dandelions, which are very popular among alcohol addicts. These herbs are very efficient in reducing the effects of alcohol withdrawal and the general feeling of illness caused by giving up alcohol.

Dandelions rejuvenate the liver cells, helping this organ function in a more efficient way and they also facilitate the normal production of bile, improving the flow. Both these actions are important when quitting alcohol as long-term intake of alcoholic beverages can severely affect these organs.

By regulating the levels of insulin through their high content of polysaccharide insulin, dandelions also promote the production of white blood cells, keeping the organism stronger and helping it fight against the harmful effects of long-term alcohol intake as well as against the symptoms of withdrawal.

How To Give Up Drinking Alcohol By Giving Up Caffeine

According to statistics, people who consume large amounts of caffeinated products are more likely to drink alcohol as a too high intake of coffee or other beverages rich in this ingredient causes agitation, irritability and nervousness, all of them considered potential triggers for alcohol cravings.

On the contrary, people who don’t usually drink coffee are calmer and don’t experience the edgy feelings that trigger the desire of drinking alcohol for relaxation and for coping with stress overload, depression or anxiety.

So if you’re struggling to give up alcohol and need some help to stop drinking, try switching to decaffeinated products at least for a while, until you no longer feel the need of drinking alcohol when you have those feelings of restlessness.

How To Give Up Drinking Alcohol With Healthier Snacks

Another common problem with alcohol addicts is lots of them started their vice by grabbing a glass of alcohol whenever they felt like eating something or having a quick, energizing and calming snack. If you’re in this situation, try replacing your daily glass of alcohol with a healthier snack.

The first positive effect you’ll notice will be the reduction of cravings for sugar and alcohol, as your digestion and the absorption of nutrients will be improved, blood sugar and insulin levels will be normalized and hunger pangs will be kept under control more efficiently.

Opt for fresh fruits, cereal bars with no sugar added, for veggie sticks, whole grains crackers or seeds and nuts. These snacks are healthier than commercial chips or cookies and can help you cope with alcohol withdrawal easier.

Stop Drinking Alcohol On Your Own With Angelica

This plant can help you give up alcohol on your own thanks to its ingredients, which fight against digestive problems, gas, bloating, colic and headaches, improving circulation and delivery of nutrients to cells and ensuring a healthier digestion.

Angelica extract, taken daily, can reduce the cravings and desire of drinking alcoholic beverages to the point that it creates dislike for alcohol. The active principles in this plant are very powerful so you only need to take 5 drops, 3 times a day, until you notice improvements in your overall health state.

The herb also has anti-inflammatory properties and works as a natural antispasmodic agent, helping the liver and spleen recover after long-term alcohol consumption.

Natural Help To Stop Drinking: Calanatts

Last on our quick list of suggestions for those of you looking for help to stop drinking alcohol on your own is calanatts or acorus calamus, a plant that is known to have restorative effects on the brain and nervous system and to speed up the recover from alcohol addiction while reducing alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

This plant reduces cravings for alcoholic beverages and sugars, improves the appetite, relieves distention, cramps and gas and prevents exhaustion. Also, it improves energy levels during the withdrawal period and helps one have a better mood and keep stress under control in a more efficient way.