How Do You Stop Drinking Alcohol – 7 Powerful Methods

Probably the first and most important step for you to take, if you reached the point where you wonder how do you stop drinking alcohol, is to take this decision very seriously and to do whatever it takes to put an end to this vice.

There are several ways to stop drinking alcohol, so if you lack ideas or motivation, take a look below!

How Do You Stop Drinking Alcohol By Bribing Yourself

How Do You Stop Drinking AlcoholA quick and simple strategy you can try if you’re trying to find out how to stop drinking alcohol safely is to simply bribe yourself in order not to buy or have another drink. Instead of spending money on alcohol, put those money in piggy bank or give them to a trustful friend and ask him to help you save money and stay away from alcohol this way.

You’ll see in time you’ll be less tempted to throw money on alcohol and once you notice the desire of drinking disappears, you can ask your friend to return you the savings.

How To Stop Drinking Alcohol Safely By Advertising Your Decision

Telling your friends what you’re up to is another effective strategy if you’re wondering how to give up drinking alcohol as once they’re aware of your desire they can help you keep temptations away and avoid those places or people that could compromise your efforts.

Obviously, you don’t have to isolate yourself from your friends after telling them your plan of dropping alcohol, even if they tend to have a drink or two from time to time. Just make sure to advertise your decision and to ask for their support, as once you do this they’ll be more careful with the type of social activities they’ll involve you in.

How To Give Up Drinking Alcohol By Diluting Your Drinks

Next on our list of tips on how to quit drinking alcohol is the suggestion of diluting the drinks, until you no longer feel the taste of the alcoholic beverage. In time, this will kill the need of drinking alcohol, so you can try to start the withdrawal process by applying this simple strategy.

Dilute your drinks with ice, water, cola, tonic water or whatever works for you in the beginning, as the purpose of this method is to make the beverage taste less like alcohol and have a lower concentration. This will also help you prevent the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, as the changes in your body will take place slower.

If you feel the temptation to drink is very powerful, try keeping the bottles in another room or simply get rid of them and just look for a beverage that has a lower alcohol concentration.

Some people find it easier to dilute the drinks at the beginning, while others decide to give up drinking and completely substitute alcohol with water, juices or teas. But it’s up to you to decide which method works the best for your lifestyle and habits.

How To Quit Drinking Alcohol By Eliminating Sugar From Your Diet

One of the main causes people continue to drink alcohol even if they know this isn’t good for their health is they can’t control their cravings for such beverages. But where do these cravings come from?

A quick answer is from the internal imbalances caused by the larger than normal amount of bad bacteria in the intestinal tract and digestive system. Bad bacteria need sugar to grow and spread so when they’re found in the stomach or intestines in too large numbers, the craving for sugar appears.

To avoid this and curb the appetite for alcoholic drinks, one should eliminate sugars from their diet or reduce the intake as much as possible. By restoring the normal bacterial flora, the desire of drinking alcohol decreases so this is a simple and healthy method to apply by those looking for help to stop drinking.

Help To Stop Drinking: Thyme Roots

A popular herb for those trying to find out how to give up drinking alcohol is thyme, the roots of this plant being excellent in reducing the addiction symptoms and making it easier to cope with the manifestations that usually accompany alcohol withdrawal.

If you dislike thyme roots tea or want to try a more powerful herbal remedy for your vice, try mixing three parts of thyme roots with 2 parts of wormwood tops and knotgrass tops, this combination being one of the most powerful for alcohol withdrawal.

Mix these herbs, add boiling water and wait a couple of minutes until the active principles in these herbs are released in the beverage, then drink this tea several times a day, until you notice the desire of having a glass of alcohol is less powerful.

How Do You Stop Drinking Alcohol With Buttermilk

Another natural and nourishing remedy that can help you stop drinking alcohol on your own is buttermilk. This has the ability of restoring the bacterial flora inside your digestive tract so if your alcohol addiction is worsened by yeast overgrowth, a cup of buttermilk per day can help you give up alcohol easier.

If you don’t really like this product, try mixing it with bitter gourd leaves juice, as this is also a very powerful and effective natural cure for quitting alcohol. Take this mixture daily, preferably early in the morning, on an empty stomach, as this way its ingredients will do their job better.

Continue drinking the mixture for at least one month, as it takes time for your body to get used with the new regimen and to cope with withdrawal symptoms. Buttermilk will help in repairing the damaged liver cells so it will cure your alcohol addiction from the inside.

Stop Drinking Alcohol On Your Own By Reducing Fat Intake

Reducing the fat intake and adding foods richer in proteins in your diet can also help you control your alcohol cravings and cope with the withdrawal symptoms easier as a diet that’s richer in proteins and fibers ensures a better absorption of nutrients within cells.

This prevents the unhealthy craving for sugar, which is often the culprit behind excessive alcohol intake as well. According to studies, a diet that’s richer in fats reduces motivation and alters self-control by as much as 50%, so nourishing your body with healthier foods can be a great start if you want to learn how do you stop drinking alcohol the right way.