Home Remedies To Stop Drinking Alcohol – 7 Easy Methods

Searching for home remedies to stop drinking alcohol is probably one of the best ways to start your battle against alcohol dependence as it’s known that most people prefer using home and natural remedies instead of expensive medical procedures or therapies.

Given below are some suggestions and steps to stop drinking alcohol, so make sure to check them all if you’re willing to give up this vice once and for all!

Home Remedies To Stop Drinking Alcohol: Grapes

Home Remedies To Stop Drinking AlcoholAdding grapes to your menu is one of the simplest and most effective natural solutions if you’re wondering how to give up booze safely, as grapes contain lots of the ingredients found in alcoholic drinks but they don’t come with the same side effects.

Grapes can restore the alkalinity of your blood, as they provide high amounts of potassium and they also work by restoring liver and kidneys’ functioning. So whenever you feel like having a drink, replace alcohol with a glass of grapes juice.

Besides helping you control alcohol cravings better, this juice will also restore your body’s internal equilibrium and will help you get rid of your vice from the inside. Grapes have strong cleansing properties thus they are also very efficient in detoxifying the body.

How To Quit Drinking Safely With Laxative Herbs

Another solution for those of you searching for home remedies to stop drinking alcohol is represented by laxative herbs, which can help you in detoxifying the body, removing waste products that alter your internal balance and blood composition and often trigger cravings for sugars and alcohol.

Psyllium, golden seal, senna leaves, hyssop or Oregon grape root are excellent in cleansing the organism and accelerating the recovery of liver cells, thus in relieving any symptom of alcohol withdrawal that might occur once you give up this vice.

Mix these herbs and prepare a tea, having one cup per day until you start seeing improvements in your overall physical and mental state. However, keep in mind that although these herbs help in giving up alcohol, they can cause unpleasant symptoms when used in too large amounts, so avoid having too large amounts of laxative teas.

How To Give Up Liquor By Simply Saying No

This may sound obvious but the easiest way to give up alcohol is to say “No” whenever someone invites you for a drink or offers you a glass of alcohol. It won’t be easy at first but if you commit to your alcohol withdrawal plan and take the decision of not having alcoholic beverages anymore, you need to start saying “No”.

You’ll probably have to practice this a few times as your mates and colleagues probably won’t understand your refusal at first, so you can start by using some harmless excuses, such as your busy working schedule, or the fact that you don’t want to spend money or to ruin your health any longer with alcoholic drinks.

How To Give Up Alcohol By Eating Cayenne

Cayenne is excellent in relieving the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal and in helping you control cravings for alcohol and achieve control over this vice as it provides nutrients that work by regulating the appetite and restoring the balance of your digestive tract.

Cayenne helps in controlling morning sickness that often appears in alcohol addicts, it reduces the anxiety, nervousness and irritability that usually accompany alcohol withdrawal and it also induces a sensation of calm and promotes a restful sleep.

Adding cayenne to your dishes can help you accelerate the recovery of your organism, so make sure to look for ways to incorporate this ingredient in your menu as often as possible.

Help To Stop Drinking: Passion Flower

If you’re searching for natural ways to help you give up liquor, passion flower can be another good alternative as this plant is very efficient in inducing a restful sleep, in relieving hangover effects and withdrawal symptoms.

Passion flower treats insomnia, relieves spasm and delirium and can be used in combination with other plants, such as kava, valerian or skullcap. These mixtures are even more powerful than one herb taken alone, so if you’re willing to speed up your recovery, you can prepare a tea from the mentioned herbs.

Have one cup of this mixture each day until your body starts feeling better and you no longer feel the need of drinking alcohol for enhancing your mood or coping with stressful and unpleasant activities.

End Drinking On Your Own With Celery

Celery is next on our list of home remedies to stop drinking alcohol. This plant is excellent when consumed raw as it has a sobering effect and can stop cravings for alcohol and sugars. To take advantage of its positive effects, start by drinking one glass of raw celery juice daily.

If you don’t really like how this tastes, try mixing it with water, but don’t dilute the juice too much as otherwise its effects will be diminished. Besides helping you cope with the symptoms of alcoholism and alcohol withdrawal, celery will also improve your overall health state through its high content of vitamins and minerals.

Home Remedies To Cut Back On Drinking: Vitamin B

Vitamins available in fruits, veggies or nutritional supplements can help you give up alcohol as well, as they improve the health of your liver, kidneys and digestive tract, making it easier to cope with this vice and the unpleasant symptoms it causes.

Vitamin B is one of the most beneficial and efficient in reducing alcohol dependence as it helps in controlling nervousness and anxiety, improves the quality of sleep and prevents withdrawal symptoms to some extent.

You can try to incorporate this vitamin in your diet in larger amounts by simply adding more fruits or vegetables rich in vitamin B in your menu, or you can take dietary supplements. Still, note that this nutrient alone can’t do wonders, so if you’re searching for a quick fix for your problem, it’s recommended to try different approaches and to mix solutions.