Best Way To Stop Drinking Alcohol – 7 Proven Ways

Lots of the people struggling with alcohol addiction and trying to find the best way to stop drinking alcohol forget that the desire of drinking is, in lots of cases, the result of some internal imbalances, such as the overgrowth of bad bacteria for example.

To find out how to give up drinking alcohol at home, using natural remedies and methods only, take a look at our recommendations below!

Best Way To Stop Drinking Alcohol With Goldenseal

Best Way To Stop Drinking AlcoholGoldenseal is a very effective natural remedy for those wondering how to quit drinking alcohol as this plant is able to curb sugar cravings and to prevent the overgrowth of bad bacteria inside the digestive tract, these unfriendly microorganisms being often responsible for the abnormal cravings for alcohol.

Thanks to its bitter taste and antifungal properties, goldenseal works great in reducing the desire of drinking alcoholic beverages. Still, if you don’t like the tea prepared from this herb, you can always take the supplements available as capsules.

Use this natural remedy until you notice the desire of drinking becomes less intense. Still, keep in mind effects won’t become visible overnight so if you decide using this herb to curb your alcohol addiction, keep using it until you start seeing improvements.

How To Stop Drinking Alcohol Safely With Lemon Water

Probably the best way to stop drinking alcohol for those who love lemons is to simply start their day with a glass of hot water with lemon. This easy to prepare beverage is excellent in stimulating the digestive system, flushing out toxins and controlling sugar cravings.

Lemons improve the functioning of liver and kidneys, both these being affected by alcohol consumption. Once your body gets cleansed, it’s a lot easier to keep cravings for alcohol under control as in lots of cases the desire of drinking is caused by an impaired function of the digestive tract or by overgrowth of bad bacteria due to an increased sugar intake.

How To Give Up Drinking Alcohol By Becoming An Observer

One of the best ways to stop drinking alcohol on your own is to just try to detach yourself and become an observer whenever the desire of drinking appears. If you’re constantly wondering how to stop drinking alcohol safely, try to take some minutes to just meditate on the reasons you’re still having alcoholic beverages from time to time.

By becoming an observer, you’ll have a more objective perspective thus it will be easier for you to analyze the reasons that make you consume alcoholic drinks. So try to detach yourself and look at the reasons from the outside: if your body’s internal equilibrium is altered and this causes the desire to drink, try to restore balance by improving your eating habits, lifestyle and maintaining proper hydration levels.

If the desire to drink is caused by boredom or is linked with a low self-esteem level, work on these problems and solve them instead of drinking to pass the time or to forget about your problems. Being an impartial spectator is very helpful in overcoming alcohol addiction.

How To Quit Drinking Alcohol With Ashwagandha

Another tip you can apply for getting rid of your addiction is to drink Ashwagandha tea daily until the desire to drink alcohol decreases and you no longer experience the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.

This herb is considered a nootropic, or a natural remedy able to regulate the functioning of the nervous system, preventing depression, moodiness and anxiety. Also, it’s known to regulate the activity of the digestive tract and it induces a sensation of well being.

Making New Friends Can Help To Stop Drinking

This may not sound as the best way to stop drinking alcohol but it’s actually a very effective method to quit your vice as it not only helps you move attention from drinking to other facts but it also gives you the chance of discovering new and healthier ways of spending your free time.

People who deal with alcohol addiction often use all their free time for drinking with their buddies and when they decide quitting this vice, they don’t know what to replace drinking with. But making new friends can help them discover new passions and hobbies, and use their time, money and energy in a positive way.

Obviously, there’s one rule that needs to be applied if you decide using this trick to help you give up alcohol: your new buddies should be completely against alcoholic beverages, as even the smallest amount drunk at the wrong moment, when you’re still struggling with temptation, can compromise your efforts.

Stop Drinking Alcohol On Your Own Using Aloe Vera

This plant is used as a natural panacea, for curing numerous health conditions from acne and other skin disorders to digestive problems or impairments of the cardiovascular system. Aloe has strong anti-inflammatory properties so it’s excellent for preventing digestive issues that could lead to bad bacteria overgrowth and as a consequence, to an increased desire of drinking.

As known, bad bacteria are fed with sugar so anytime you feel the urge to drink alcohol, it might be due to a bacterial imbalance. Aloe vera, taken daily, can help you keep this craving under control and give up alcohol the natural way.

Best Way To Stop Drinking Alcohol: Become An Early Riser

Last on our list of quick tips for those wondering what strategies can help to stop drinking is the recommendation of getting up earlier in the morning, or of becoming an early riser. People who get up earlier in the morning feel more energized and are in better mood during the day, so if you adjust your sleeping schedule it will be easier for you to resist the temptation of drinking when you feel tired, moody or stressed.

Not to mention you’ll also have more time for yourself and for developing new hobbies, such as going for a jog in the morning, before work, or spending more time reading or painting or whatever you enjoy doing, after work. Changing your sleeping schedule will make you feel more energetic and awake, so make sure to take advantage of this simple trick as well!